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How to Sign Up for Systeme.io Affiliate Program

How to sign up for Systeme.io affiliate program

In this article, you will learn how to sign up for systeme.io affiliate program and how you can get started by promoting systeme.io.

Sign Up 0n Systeme.io

  • Go to Systeme.io by clicking here then you will reach the systeme.io homepage.
  • Enter your email address and click Get Started For Free button
Systeme.io homepage
systeme.io homepage
  • You will be redirected to Thank you page telling you that your login details sent to you email.
Systeme.io thank you page
Systeme.io thank you page

Login to Systeme.io Platform

  • Go to your email and grap your login details
  • Enter your email address and password sent to your email and click Sign in
Systeme.io login page
Systeme.io login page

Affiliate Dashboard

  • Once you logged in navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Affiliate Dashboard
Systeme.io affiliate dashboard
Systeme.io affiliate dashboard
  • In affiliate dashboard you can find your affiliate ID (No.1) and your affiliate link (No.2)
  • To promote the systeme.io affiliate program, you just have to add ? sa = YOURAFFILIATEID at the end of the URL
  • Anytime you mention a systeme.io page (it can be the home page, a page of our blog, any of our landing pages, sales pages, or payment pages. As long as it’s part of systeme.io)
    • How to Find the affiliate link to promote the systeme.io homepage?
      • Promotion URL: https://systeme.io/ Let’s imagine your referral id is sa00041537157dbe7d7a6dh5eksjd7sja7s6sd6sda1 Your referral link to promote this page is ( https://systeme.io/?sa=sa00041537157dbe7d7a6dh5eksjd7sja7s6sd6sda1) links then go to “Affiliate” Dashboard”
systeme.io affiliate link
Systeme.io affiliate link

Systeme.io Marketplace

  • Next, you will find your marketing offers in marketplace section as below:
    • You can find different products and offers you can also promote instead of systeme.io subscriptions
    • Select the offer you want to promote and click on promote offer to start.
    • Copy the link in address bar of your page that will be your affiliate link to promote certain offer.
Systeme.io marketplace
Systeme.io marketplace

Systeme.io affiliate Commission Payment Setup

  • On the upper right of your dashboard click on your avatar icon > Settings > navigate to Affiliate commissions payments settings (No.1).
  • Choose your preferred payment method PayPal or wire transfer and click save (No.2).

Systeme.io Payment Policy

  • You must fill in your profile information correctly in order for systeme.io to generate the correct invoices.
  • The total amount of your commissions must exceed $30.
  • The time period between the purchase of the sender contact and the payment of your commission must be longer than 30 days.
    • Example: The contact you sent via your referral link makes a purchase on 13/02/2021, systeme.io will generate the invoice and you will be paid on 10/04/2021 (60 days after purchase)

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